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APQUIP Dual Face Lamination

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  • Finger Joint

    Apquip has been designing extrusion gluing systems for finger jointing since 1974 throughout the world. We have designed equipment to retrofit onto existing applications as well as provided gluing systems […read more.]

  • Edge Glue

    Apquip has been supplying edge lamination extrusion equipment for many of the common adhesives such as PVAC, resorcinol, melamines and single part polyurethanes. Each system is custom designed to fit […read more.]

  • Meter Mixer

    In only six years Apquip has become the industry leader in Meter mixing. The Apquip Meter Mixer utilizes two progressive cavity pumps combined with gear meters to give you  an […read more.]

  • Glue Detection

    Apquip has been manufacturing glue detection systems for the last 15 years. Apquip patented a glue detection system that uses luminescence in the adhesive and compares it to the luminescence […read more.]

  • Face Glue

    Coming Soon

  • Infeed-Outfeed System

    Designed for high to medium production glue application on individual boards which make up edge-laminated panels that feed into RF or rotary press. Equipment will feed board through series of […read more.]

  • Filters

    Apquip supplies many varieties of adhesive filtration. Filter material such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass and reinforced polypropylene can be matched to your adhesive and pressure requirements with numerous mesh […read more.]

  • Regulators

    Apquip both manufactures our own 621 regulator as well as distributes for Graco their wide array of regulators. Between our 621 regulator and Graco’s regulators, Apquip can advise and offer […read more.]

  • Adhesive Pressurization

    Apquip offers several methods of pressurizing the adhesive. Pressure tanks, piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, gear pumps and meter mixing with progressive cavity pumps are all means of pressurization supplied by […read more.]

  • Adhesive Valves

    Apquip manufactures adhesive valves that are pneumatically controlled to start and stop the adhesive flow into various types of applicator heads. Our valves are based off common design but with […read more.]

  • Support Equipment

    Apquip sells and manufactures a wide variety of support equipment for applying, detecting, mixing, storing and transporting liquid adhesives. Products include adhesive tanks, hoses, tote and barrel accessories, dry disconnect […read more.]